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Israeli Ambassador to Serbia, Montenegro meets with KFOR commander

Israeli Ambassador to Serbia, Montenegro meets with KFOR commander GazetaExpress

Alona Fisher-Kamm, who is currently the Israeli Ambassador to Serbia and Montenegro, visited Kosovo last week where she met with the new commander of KFOR, Major General Salvatore Cuoci to discuss security issues.

KFOR released a statement revealing the outcome of the meeting on 17 November.

"During the meeting, Cuoci gave Alona Fisher-Kamm an overall picture about the security and political situation in Kosovo where KFOR continues to fulfill its mandate and assists in maintaining safe and secure environment and freedom of movement," read the statement. 

Regardless of her meeting with Cuoci, Fisher-Kamm did not make any comments concerning Israel's failure to recognize Kosovo's independence due to their ties with Serbia. 

In an interview for the Belgrade-based daily Blic last year, she highlighted that work was being carried out to improve relations with Serbia, especially in the economy.

She also commented on Israeli's status on their recognition of Kosovo. 

"I'll say it very clearly, our position has not changed, and that is the non-recognition of Kosovo," affirmed Fisher-Kamm in her interview with Blic. 

Fast forward to this year, and Fisher-Kamm, along with the state of Israel, still stands by their inability to recognize Kosovo. 

In an interview with Cord Magazine, Fisher-Kamm was asked whether or not there have been any diplomatic pressure to convince the government to change its stance. 

"I would not be lying if I said that not everybody is satisfied with our position, but in this aspect nothing has changed," said Fisher-Kamm. 

"Israel stays firm in its position of non-recognition," she added. 

    Date: 21 November 2017 16:44
    Author: GazetaExpress