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Kosovo runoffs: Tight election results announced

Kosovo runoffs: Tight election results announced GazetaExpress

In a tight mayoral runoffs election on Sunday, Kosovo citizens seem equally divided when it comes to electing mayors in 19 out of 38 municipalities of Kosovo. Half of other municipalities elected mayors in the first round of elections held on 22 October.

According to the Central Election Commission (CEC), the overall voter turnout was about 38 per cent and the elections were general calm with few irregularities reported. With 100 per cent of votes processed by the CEC the mayoral candidates were locked in an extremely tight race for main municipalities, including capital Pristina and second biggest municipality of Prizren. The Vetevendosje candidate for mayor Shpend Ahmeti called on his supporters late on Sunday to go out and celebrate his second term announcing the victory although with a narrow margin. Counting of conditional ballots and ballots sent by mail might overturn results in favour of his rival, the LDK candidate Arban Abrashi. With processing of all the votes by the CEC, Shpend Ahmeti, won 50.15% whereas his rival, Arban Abrashi, 49.85%. Also with 100 per cent data sent from polling stations, Mytaher Haskuka of Vetevendosje has won Prizren with 50.32 per cent of the vote winning the PDK candidate Shaqir Totaj with a margine of less than three hundred votes difference. This does not include ballots sent by mail or conditional ballots. After the publication of the results by the CEC the Vetevendosje supporters went out celebrating in the light snow and rain. However the victories with the narrow margin leave open the possibility for results be overturned when conditional ballots are counted. On the other hand the LDK candidate for mayor of Gjilan, Lutfi Haziri, scored a convincing victory against the Vetevendosje candidate Sami Kurteshi. The LDK has won also the municipality of Vushtrri and is waiting for confirmation of victory in the municipality of Dragash. The prime minister Ramush Haradinaj’s party confirmed victory in Gjakova, Obiliq and Klina, whereas the PDK which is part of the ruling coalition with the AAK won the municipality of Ferizaj and Shtime.

See below preliminary results published by the CEC:


Shpend Ahmeti (Vetëvendosje) 50.15%

Arban Abrashi (LDK) 49.85%


Mytaher Haskuka (Vetevendosje) 50,32%

Shaqir Totaj (PDK) 49,68%


Agim Aliu (PDK) 56,17%

Muharem Svarqa (LDK) 43,83%


Lutfi Haziri (LDK) 63,52%

Sami Kurteshi (Vetëvendosje) 36,48%

Mitrovica South

Agim Bahtiri (AKR) 57,33%

Valdete Idrizi (PDK) 42,67%


Haki Rugova (LDK) 51,88%

Gani Dreshaj (AAK) 48,12%


Agim Veliu (LDK) 63,70%

Ajet Potera (Vetëvendosje) 36,30%


Ragip Begaj (Nisma) 55.81%

Mursel Gashi (PDK) 44.19%


Qëndron Kastrati (Vetëvendosje) 55,72%

Shaip Surdulli (LDK) 44,28%


Ardian Gjini (AAK) 53,49%

Mimoza Kusari Lila (Alternativa) 46,51%


Bali Muharremaj (AAK) 52.57 %

Sali Asllanaj (LDK) 47.43%


Xhafer Tahiri (LDK) 54.53%

Ferit Idrizi (PDK) 45.47%


Smajl Latifi (AAK) 50.69%

Idriz Vehapi (PDK) 49.31%


Naim Ismajli (PDK) 51.54%

Fatmir Rashiti (Independent candidate) 48.46


Besim Ilazi (PDK) 54.87%

Basri Kodra (Vetevendosje) 45.13%


Xhafer Gashi(AAK) 60.60%

Mehmet Krasniqi(LDK) 39.40%


Zenun Elezaj(AAK) 52.65%

Sokol Bashota (PDK) 47.35


Bozidar Dejanovic (GI Klokot-Vrbovac) 52,20%

Strahinja Spasic (Srpska Lista) 47,80%

Partesh (Revote)

Dragan Petkovic (Srpska) 61.81%

Nenad Cvetkovic (Gradjanska Inicijativa Narodna Sloga) 38.19%

    Date: 19 November 2017 23:24
    Author: GazetaExpress